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    Personally I'm a big fan of the Walrus Ages, great for a warmer, bluesy OD. I also use the OCD but with a light amount of drive. Good for adding a touch of hair to your sound without dramatically changing your fundamental tone. Another I can recommend is the Euphoria for similar reasons as the OCD.
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    Funny, another speaker change scenario for me as well. And for the same reason you stated, the Jensen farted out on the bass. I forget what I put in it, maybe a Lil Texas like my Princeton. I like that speaker for Fender tones. Edit: correction, I put a Legend 1258 in the DR. Does the job nicely.
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    Exactly what I was saying to Tarkus60.
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    I bought the same one. Ended up putting a Lil Texas in it. The CR was just too treble rolled off for a Princeton IMHO.
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    Video games

    I play for short spells. I like the last 3 Tomb Raider games. They are cinematic with good story telling and a good deal of exploration of interesting places. For me it's better than tv which is 100 percent passive. But I don't do a lot of either. I've been on the look out for other games that...
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    End in sight for GT-1000?

    I had a gig recently where the big issue wasn't stuff getting knocked over, it was drinks getting spilled. I ended up having drinks and bar floor crud all over my stuff. Lots of clean up to do after the fact. I have lost a couple mics that way in the past and my Strat is pretty beat up but I...
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    End in sight for GT-1000?

    Besides deciding to wait or not I was also weighing the purchase between the GT-1000, the Helix, and the Headrush. I did finally buy the GT-1000. Just got it. There were some really strong reasons to go with the competition but ultimately there was something about the GT-1000 sound, it just...
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    End in sight for GT-1000?

    I'm really sorry about that. I changed it as I had received no responses and assumed I wasn't going to get any so I reduced it to 1 question I thought might interest some people to discuss.
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    End in sight for GT-1000?

    Hi All, Do you think the GX-100 with its touch screen is an indicator that the GT-1000 is likely to be retired and replaced sometime soon? Thank you
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    Do you resist the urge to upgrade your modeler when a new one comes out?

    Gas gas gas.... I have the gt-1000 core which I use for home recording. Love it. Been using tube amps for playing out. Gassing for the gx-100. Not sure how I would amplify it. Maybe just plug it into the PA.
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    New Fender Tone Master Super Reverb!

    I bought one. In a nutshell, the clean tone is better than perfect, it's awesome. Where it doesn't live up is the distortion. It doesn't sound or react like a cranked Super. It does get plenty loud and sounds great with the right pedal in front of it. Personally I like using a Walrus Ages with...
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    What is love?

    I think the OP is right, love is a red 65 Telecaster. But... Commitment is a Black Guard Tele. Sexy is a Sonic Blue Nashville Tele. Empathy is an Acoustasonic Tele. Passion is an Esquire Tele.
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    I can’t praise my Tonemaster enough

    I'm very happy with my TMSR.
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    What holds music but isn't a phone?

    I have a fiio x3 and a fiio x7. They are great for hi res audio.
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    Who are your top 3 sports players?

    I don't know their names but I'm pretty sure they would all be cheer leaders.

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