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    NGD pics

    Very nice , congrats !
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    NGD- Harmony Figure 8

    Very nice !
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    New guitar

    Thanks everyone, I'm really blown away by this guitar !
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    New guitar

    Thanks fellas !
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    New guitar

    I've been having a harder time playing my Dreadnaughts for about a year now, a D-18 Standard and an Epiphone Masterbilt do to a bad shoulder from an old injury so I started looking at smaller guitars. I ended up picking up this Ibanez Artwood vintage series AVC9 000 size acoustic last week for...
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    New (used and very affordable) mahogany slot head Parlor.

    Nice ! I just picked up a AV-9 which is OOO size. Great sounding guitar and under $300 used.
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    Jonesing for a new guitar.

    Another vote for the Dot , great guitars !!!
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    Bill M - RIP

    RIP BillM and condolences to his friends and family
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    How would you fix this hole in hardwood floor/baseboard?

    You could use an epoxy wood filler by Minwax, It's stainable and you could even do a faux grain on it to try and blend it in.
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    New office chair ..bad chemical smell

    wow ! someone was really bored to bring this thread back up. I returned the chair.
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    We Never Know What The Next Day Brings

    Condolences to you and yours !
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    Vintage Television Programming?

    hill street blues
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    Quick Help - Get Rid Of Ads And Sidebars

    Is there a way to get rid of the sidebar ?
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    New Software Discussion - Questions

    Thanks never would have guessed that was it.
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    New Software Discussion - Questions

    what happened to the drop down menu to navigate between forums ?