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    New older guitar day early CV

    My CV 50 Esquire, made in Indo, is one of my favorite gits.
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    Hello World

    Welcome aboard! Nice gits.
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    Just Arrived from the northern south.

    Welcome back Tony! We need to see pics.
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    Happy Birthday Bob Seger 77

    Just wanted give Bob Seger a shout-out on his birthday. He turned 77 today. Happy Birthday Buddy! Thanks for all the great music.
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    Hello from London

    Welcome! Best of luck on the builds.
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    I never thought my number one would be a Squier.

    No mods for mine. I’m happy with it stock. Best of luck with your new git.
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    newbie here…. Can I get recommendation for a .0047uf cap

    Welcome aboard! I’m sure some of our tech gurus will have an answer for you soon.
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    Hey Gang! Looking for a Tokai Paisley tele from the 80s! Anyone have any leads?

    Welcome aboard! Best of luck on the hunt.
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Greetings from the 'burbs of Glammis

    Sorry I’m so late to the gig… Welcome aboard! Very nice collection of gits.
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    Above all welcome to the forum!
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    Hello to everyone.

    Welcome! Nice gits!