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    Saved Trixie's life last night...

    We have fairly large spiders in Florida. A glass tumbler is not wide enough! I save them all the time. Roaches and mosquitoes are killed on site.
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    Small amp to cover jazz to classic rock...

    Laney L5S. It has 2 channels. The XLR out will allow playing a high volume with the amp turned down low. I play with little more gain than traditional jazz. The L5S has that sweet breakup at low volumes. If I want a clean louder sound, I plug into a FRFR via the XLR out. The amp is super versatile.
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    No Moon Laser bodies?

    I had a great experience with the NML pine body. It really changed my tele from a bland instrument to a really twangy and light guitar.
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    Does size matter? Speaking of frets of course. What are advantages and disadvantages between different fret sizes

    I prefer medium jumbo but have no problem with thin, thick or tall or short frets. A light touch is important for the fretting hand. Scalloped fret boards are weird, it's like swimming in really deep water, no problem unless you think about it.
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    People who sit while you practice - what do you sit on? Pics appreciated.

    When kneeling, I wear a strap, simulates a standing position. Feet on the ground, works like a stool. It also rocks!
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    Chasing our tails

    I play for the joy of it. Chasing tone is fun. I'm pretty happy with the sounds I have found but I'm sure at some point I'll seek a new sound or new effect. The only thing I recommend, buy used when possible.
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    I tried Facebook again

    I joined FB in 2006. It wasn't my cuppa'. I wasn't interested in rekindling old relationships. 2014 had to rejoin because of an event. 2019 noticed that FB worsened my mood every time I visited. Quit in '19 and have no desire to ever go back.
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    I Hate My Tone!!!!

    The Laney Lionheart L5S works well for me. I also have the Ampero 2 modeler which sounds great at any volume.
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    Same pickups in the next Partscaster or something else?

    Tough call. A favorite pickup won't disappoint, but variety helps keep things fresh. If it were me, I'd try a different pickup. Tele's with HBs are cool.
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    What should I do with the 3rd mini-toggle

    Your choice. Full bypass is very clear and hotter.
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    A Fender Confirmed Serial Number Error - American Original 60's Strat

    Get a written letter from Fender, laminate it and keep it in the case?
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    What should I do with the 3rd mini-toggle

    kill switch or control bypass?
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    New To Modellers, Buying Advice Needed

    I use a modeler often, currently a Hotone Ampero II (competitor to a HX Stomp). If you only are interested in amp simulation, there are modeling pedals designed just for that. Boss IR-200, NUX Solid Studio are a couple of examples. There are also pre-amp simulator pedals or even amp-in-a-box...
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    Lightweight solid body guitars - where's the line drawn?

    The line for me is neck dive. Balance is important in all things.
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    I'm a Blue Chip pick convert

    I don't have any issues with different picks other than their effect on sound. Currently, Jazz III Tortex @ 1mm is my goto. Dropping a pick is a rare occurrence, maybe once a year, if that.