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    NPD-I have tremolo!

    I've messed with the two trim pots but turned them back the way they were. It's a very good sounding cheap pedal.:)
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    Songs full of "whoah oh whoah oh whoah oh oh whoah..."

    Now add some tourette syndrome lyrics, you'd have the perfect (not) rap song 😖
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    Do you need a real tele to join?

    Even those cats owning an accordion are welcome on board 😄
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    Telecaster Electro socket

    "Standard size" should actually be called vintage correct, if at all. how they built them, way back then. it costs extra if you want to have your way and isn't metric. only three countries on this world are avoiding the metric system. some tried hard but failed miserably, because change...
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    Just watched Top Gun for the third time

    Just watched Top Gun for the third time" Wow! You are a brave man
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    Telecaster Electro socket

    All's fine and dandy until you plug it into the mains output. ;)
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    Battery powered mixer?

    Yes, we've been using the 1002B for our lockdown series, battery powered outdoor gigs for at least one and a half years now. it works...but it's a lack luster because of the strange channel layout. has no FX. It bugs me that the main outs aren't XLR but 1/4 inch :rolleyes: it runs off three 9V...
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    The Black Crowes - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

    Maybe the Kimmel live performance wasn't up to par. I'm guessing the sound of the album on Anaconda, err... Amazon (I don't use their "service") sounds much better. can anyone confirm?
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    Lamest/Worst/Stupidest Rolling Stones song of all time

    Everything alright in the critics section?
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    The Black Crowes - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

    The Black Crowes perform the song Papa Was A Rolling Stone on Jimmy Kimmel Live. :cool: Album "1972" has or is coming out.
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    B-52s were such fun to watch…

    That indeed was enlightening. I never knew. thanks :)
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    B-52s were such fun to watch…

    You're making me dizzy wanna make me drive on the wrong side of the road, screaming like Yoko? do you? 🤣
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    B-52s were such fun to watch…

    I often use this song to dial in the small PA at our place. no matter what genre the bands are up next - the B52's and Cindy Wilson always seem to open the punters and band's hearts 🥰 so special
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    Harley Benton TE-62CC

    I've just had my NGD with a HB TE-62 IS (inca silver) Quality wise, I'm one the same page with you. Nice setup and intonation right out the box. the neck looks & feels very nice. except the fretboard edge can be rolled and fret ends rounded a bit. no biggy though. I did change out the dome...

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