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    Question for the resident experts: Do you sand/buff satin lacquer the same as gloss?

    Thank you to everyone for the kind and informative responses.
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    Question for the resident experts: Do you sand/buff satin lacquer the same as gloss?

    I am reading up on lacquer finishing techniques but I have a question. All the tutorials and information out there assumes the use of gloss clearcoat and gives a finishing schedule for that. But what if you want to use satin clear instead? Do you treat it the same as gloss, or do you have a...
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    Replacing Capacitors

    Literally any cap will work in a guitar (unless it has some kind of crazy active pickup system). The voltage will never go above the lowest possible rating for a thru-hole capacitor (generally 6.3 volts).
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    My modeling pedal sounds great F.O.H., but sounds like crappola through the wedges.

    Modellers are a different beast when it comes to monitoring, that's for sure. Most of us are used to the guitar amp in room thing, and that's not what modellers are built to deliver. I think a lot of people feel that IEMs are the way to go if you can swing it.
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    hot? try splooting

    I am very interested to hear this joke. I just did a quick search but I didn't get anything, perhaps because it's dirty enough to get picked up by filters?
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    OD-1, SD-1, custom mod.OD, swollen pickle mkii fuzz, OCD (vero builds)

    How do those tins hold up over time? I'm assuming that you've been using them for a while, maybe that's an unfair assumption. But I'm curious. I build enough that I'm interested in your approach as a cost cutting method.
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    Revolver - remastered

    Yeah it's probably my fav Beatles record, too. There are probably more songs I love on the White Album, but that one has filler. Revolver is a remarkably consistent album. I can put it on and let it play from beginning to end and be happy and I love that. And "Tomorrow Never Knows" still sounds...
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    The Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream

    It's a stone cold classic. Right up there with MBV's Loveless at the Mt. Everest of distorted guitar recordings. Butch Vig really outdid himself on this one. And the songs are great! IMO the influences are surprisingly varied. Everything from Sabbathesque riff rock to shoegaze dirges to glam to...
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    Recommendation on DIY Patch Cable Raw Material

    IMO it depends on whether you care about getting low capacitance cables or not. If you don't care I'd recommend using Canare GS-6 with any standard, reliable jack (I usually use switchcraft, but have used and like SquarePlug and Neutrik). It's good quality (Japan made), flexible, has good...
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    Anybody order tubes from Ukraine lately?

    I haven't ordered tubes I did get some transistors. It was fine. The vendor I bought from said there had been a few delays but the postal system was still mostly functioning as expected.
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    Soldering Question

    Doesn't matter on any level other than appearance. If it bugs you wick it up, clean the area and make a new joint there. But nobody is going to see it so if it was me I'd leave it.
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    Nobels ODR-1?

    Yeah, the disappearing thing is because of the bass, I think. Super bassy circuit in its stock form. The modded versions let you cut the bass. If you can do that the problem goes away.
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    Do We Like Gulid Acoustic Guitars?

    I have an F30 and a JF-4.
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    RIP Gord Lewis, Teenage Head guitarist

    This was news to me. Man, that is a depressing story.
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    Got a beat up Strat and now dealing with lots of questions...

    The only way you'll be able to answer those questions is with trial and error. It's too subjective a topic for somebody to be able to give you a straight answer. Some people will swear up and down that a strat doesn't sound right unless the trem is floating. Others will swear up and down that...