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    How did/do you discipline your kids?

    love, acceptance, positive reinforcement, no spanking, no parents flying off the handle, we used time outs etc. My kids are in college now and heck I wish they were a little bit more rebellious.....daughter is a college RA in a dorm and son has never touched alcohol.
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    The White Lotus...anyone watching?

    I enjoy the show a lot- I like season 2 quite a bit better than season one. My vote is the grandson square dude kills the prostitutes "pimp"
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    Unpopular opinion

    My wife once told me "Just because you wrote it, doesn't mean its a good song". I love a lot of Neil's work but have not listened to an new album of his in twenty years. He kind of sadly reminds me that songwriters grow old and kind of lose what it is they are trying to say. But yeah more power...
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    When you think that you might have to put a Telecaster down!

    That is a beautiful tele! Its hard for me to believe that it doesn't sound better than a strat or les paul on the neck pickup for jazz or the bridge pickup for leads. Of course it depend upon what style you like to play. I might just put it away for 6 months then take it back out and see how it...
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    Can anyone recommend me some vintage-correct strat pickups?

    I have the 54 set and the 57/62 set in strats and like them both BUT to my ears just as good is the Fender classic series 50/60's pickups or the vintera 50's or 60's pickups. I tried the 56 set which is alnico 3 as I tend to like alnico 2/3 in teles but these were just too quiet for me to keep...
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    Any fans of JJ Cale? I certainly am!

    Oh yeah I'm a big fan
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    Returned the TMDR and picked up a '68 Custom Vibro Champ Reverb...

    Nice- yeah sounds like found one that fits the bill- I would like to try one of these
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    A̤̰̤l̤l̤m̤a̤n̤ ̤B̤r̤o̤t̤h̤e̤r̤s̤ ̤B̤̰̤a̤̰̤n̤d̤ At The F̰ḭl̰l̰m̰ore 1971 Full Album

    Yeah its on another plane of music. Has any live band ever done it better?
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    Converting an arbor to a fret press?

    a drill press makes this an easy job -I currently hammer in the frets then use the fret press caul from stewmac to make sure they are seated BUT the first 5 or 6 guitars I made I just hammered them in with the neck on a bag of sand and that works fine too.
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    What Do You Look For In An Amp?

    I look for a silverface, a Fender logo and tubes :)
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    Keep seeing the same guitars for sale...why aren't they selling?

    I think some folks confuse what something is worth with how much it will sell for. As has been said I have noticed that almost any item will sell if priced at about 50% off the retail price and it is in really good condition. When people start asking higher prices than that, things sit. For...
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    Our Youtube channels

    splod- well done. Good kind of atmospheric layered type stuff.......I'm a solo songwriter...
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    What is your fave Rhythm Guitar?

    my go to is a strat with the bridge and middle pickups combined. I prefer a tele neck to a strat and a tele bridge pickup to a strat but that tele in the middle is so bright to sing over

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