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    My CNC build.

    Nick , I use what is called a zero flute bit to cut acrylic , cuts clean and does not melt the acrylic but you need the speeds and feeds set properly . Best part is no liquids needed to keep things cool so MDF spoil board doesn't get messed up . zero flute bits
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    My CNC build.

    Fantastic Nick ! You did a great job on the CNC and the Calender .
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    Crazydave911 friends, please notice.

    Dave is posting ! :)
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    Crazydave911 friends, please notice.

    Well , this brings a smile , so glad to see/read your post Dave . Mend up quickly , and about that free haircut ------- :)
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    Crazydave911 friends, please notice.

    Get better soon my old friend
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    Baby Blue Finito

    Steve , everything about this guitar says classy . Absolutely gorgeous .
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    TW1 Build

    Very impressive work Andre
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    Sweet Little Angel

    Lots of hard work paid off Andre !
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    Tickled Pink: Jupiter's Es-335 Build

    Wow , looks great Jup . Those folks sure can lay down a finish .
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    The Duo - Not Really a Telecaster Build

    Stellar ! Beautiful work John , just beautiful .
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    Scroll Saw

    IIRC Jack Wells cut a few bodies out on his scroll saw years ago just to show it could be done , I don't remember him having any issues other than it was a bit slower than using his band saw .
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    Not again!! Elpee Standard to replace the one that got away.

    Mark , I used a 1/2" long pattern bit for the terracing
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    Sweet Little Angel

    That is some fine work Andre !
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Ha ! Roger , I've got enough in the shed for probably 1000 blanks or more :lol:
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Thanks Craig . I'll probably spray some poly on it , later on this week .