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    Bought a 6 Sting Banjo, am I a bad person?

    So you saying playing banjo is a form of penance? I won’t argue. It taught me humility. And gave me tinnitus.
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    Yesterday was Don Gallagher Appreciation Day in Murfreesboro TN

    12 fret slot head D is on my wish list! Never had the opportunity to play a Gallagher. But I sure will just as soon as the opportunity presents itself. A couple Februarys ago I drove up to Murfreesboro and bought my Martin HD-28V. Had I known about Gallagher then maybe I’d have stopped in...
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    Books, and the re-reading thereof

    We have a term for movies that we can just put on and not really pay attention to but still enjoy. We call them “default movies”. An example would be Forrest Gump. I have default books as well. Books I’ve read so many times that I can just turn to sections that I like and read them out of...
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    Cheap guitar day

    I have nothing against cheap guitars. I personally would consider $599.00 a mid level guitar.
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    Set For the Day

    I love days with the house to myself. I do the same thing, except with my Tele and my pedals and my big amp.
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    Soft Shell Crab Dinner

    I’d eat it. My mom’s favorite food is fried soft shell crab. I’ll admit that the sautéed version looks a bit off putting. But hey that’s what the top piece of French bread on the poboy is for.
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    do you like model trains?

    1000X this!
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    Vintage Peavey acoustic guitar

    My non guitar playing cousin had a Peavey Dreadnought at his house. He’d picked it up somewhere and given it to his youngest daughter when she expressed interest in learning. I tuned it up and played on it for a minute or two. It was in fact a guitar. That’s about the best thing I can say about it.
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    My pre-civil war score for $20

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    Guitar/Amp/Pedal wishlist

    The OM and 000 have the same body dimensions. As mentioned above the OM is long scale. The 000 is short scale.
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    Guitar/Amp/Pedal wishlist

    I’m pretty happy at the moment, which feels nice. Not that I have a bunch of stuff, just in a position where I am really satisfied with what I have. Having said that, I think I could do a Martin 000-18 justice.
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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    This is the correct answer.
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    What crazy guitar would you like to own some day?

    I used to want a Lace Cybercaster. The original one, not the second version. I actually played a used one once. It was groovy but the wanted like $1200 so…pass.
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    So, 15 years

    TDPRI is my favorite diversion.
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    Chewing gum while supposed to be a professional

    I agree. Maybe he’s worried about bad breath. Tell him to use mints or brush his teeth instead.