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    You know you live in Wisconsin when....

    Never have even seen a cheese curd. But I’d love to try that out. And it doesn’t snow here but we have definitely pulled one another on waterskis behind four wheelers after hurricanes.
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    I received... the wrong guitar?!

    Butterscotch Blonde is the Bruce Wayne of finishes. Tonight, go outside and shine “The StratSignal” into the sky where the guitar can see it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. i am stratman…the dark knight.
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    I bought a bag of Apples that don't taste them or throw them away?

    Cheese Peanut butter Smoothie Squirrel food Pretty much I agree with any of those.
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    Guitar Necks. How Important to You? To Me ..... The Most Important Part of an Electric Guitar.

    Over the years I’ve sold two very nice guitars solely because I couldn’t warm up to the way the neck felt. For the curious, a Larrivee D-60 Custom sunburst acoustic and a TV yellow Gibson Double Cut Les Paul Special(worn finish). YMMV.
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    How are guitars and golf clubs alike?

    I don’t know the answer but I wanna say Willie Nelson.
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    The distinct sounds of various vibrato bars…?

    Never thought about it as I’ve never been a user of trem. There is a bit of a difference. I like the first one.
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    Big Bird wants his coffin back!

    Good old mustard yellow. Memories of childhood. Mom and Dad built their house in ‘73. I was 5 when we moved in. In the kitchen the refrigerator, countertops, telephone, microwave. The toilet, tub and vanity in the master bathroom were mustard yellow. As opposed to my grandmother’s. Where...
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    The House Finally Feels Good!

    Hey man You limped it along as far as it would go. That’s all you can do. Enjoy the new one!
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    That’s crazy!
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    Ever see a favorite artist perform in a bar?

    I’d love to have seen SRV. Tab Benoit also runs incredibly loud amps onstage. He plays locally on a regular basis. I want to go see him on the night of my birthday a few years back. I had to leave after the first set. I honestly and sincerely think I lost some hearing that night.
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    How to Keep Watch Tight Enough But Not Too Tight

    Rare earth magnet implanted subdermally would even allow you to forego the band altogether.
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    ID this pickup truck?

    Looks like Bonnie and Clyde’s.
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    Thanksgiving Cocktails?

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    Americana Music Awards 2022

    I will check it out Thanks
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    Why are all these zombie threads (re)appearing?

    How many of them pills y’all got?? I might preemptively grab a couple from you if you have extra. Holidays and all.