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    Chance opportunity 2017 Tele.

    Yup, I look at CL on a regular basis and there is a lot of crap for sure but some possible jems pop up on a regular basis. That's how I got my 2011 Am Std Tele (Blizzard Pearl with a RW board) around 2012 or so. Original owner pretty much unplayed and about $700. I also have other Teles with...
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    Chance opportunity 2017 Tele.

    Oh well, as a PSA I'll list what got my interest. As a regular CL window shopper (4 of them in NJ) I saw this, the 3 saddle bridge jumped out at me. I wasn't expecting one on a replacement for the Am Std. Then learned about the fatter neck etc. But I'm in downsize mode, this looks like a nice...
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    Chance opportunity 2017 Tele.

    Reviving this old thread, had heard about the new Professional Strats, had assumed the Teles would be like the previous Am Std Teles regarding bridges etc, saw one today and wow..brass saddles..compensated no less. And a fatter neck and no more belly cut. Very interesting. I had no idea. How...
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    Any easy way to age a Tele neck pickup cover?

    Thanks again bender66..last time I used that stuff was to clean some shower tile, got some on a chrome fixture and it did some nice unintended aging to that ha ha. Once I get that new one installed maybe I'll pull off the cover on the old one and see if I can unwrap the busted wind one turn...
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    Any easy way to age a Tele neck pickup cover?

    I have some muriatic acid around. Maybe I'll try a weak water mix.
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    Any easy way to age a Tele neck pickup cover?

    Thanks that would work.
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    Any easy way to age a Tele neck pickup cover?

    Hi Guys. I have a Nocaster light relic and I modded the electronics one too many times (playing with different circuits) and hosed up my neck pickup. I have a new Nocaster pickup but the cover is shiny. Any easy way to age it a little without trying to remove the cover and ending up with two...
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    orientation of 3 position switch

    Actually in that diagram I referenced in my post the spring will wind up on the body edge side when flipped which is what I was looking for..unable to copy the image from page 1 of the thread... all good
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    orientation of 3 position switch

    Just adding to this old thread. Of course the switch is a mirror image and it does not matter which way the spring faces. I wound up scratching my head after reading a Premier Guitar Mod article saying that the spring is usually oriented towards the side of the guitar (opposite the pickups)...
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    Boot Hill 5e3 first build, you've seen a few

    Nice work, I have been a member for a while, never even knew about this sub forum. It's nice how folks are generous with their knowledge. Some day when I have time I'd love to try a build.
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    Why??? Does running a tube amp without a load cause problems

    My heavily modded Blues Jr was left at a jam (actually the Heritage PSP annual convention) while I was gone someone unplugged the speaker, maybe to run a cab with it, who knows? Anyway they plugged the speaker jack back into the empty foot switch jack. Took me a while to figure it out as they...
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    Any Traynor YCV Owners?

    I'm a fan of Traynors in general. Their 70's combos (Studio Mate) comes to mind) are cool and often cheap. Lush reverb and heavy Hammond organ iron.
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    Help needed identify a Telecaster 72 custom neck

    If the humbucker is a Catswhisker (Allan makes his own and also mods existing Fender pickups) it may have coil split wires too. I had Allan mod my Fender WRHB from my 2011 AVRI 72 Custom after reading good reviews mentioning that the coil split is a usable good tone as another option for single...
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    Blues Jr Mods - Options Other Than BillM

    Bumping this old thread. Bill's son has posted that the site may be back up this month. It also sounds like Bill is not doing well at this point, prayers sent out to Bill and his family. Bill has always been a nice guy when I dealt with him in the past. His knowledge base on Blues Juniors is...
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    Psa Cs '63 Tele In Nj On Cl $1,600

    Saw this some weeks ago at a higher price, appears to have come down some, looks nice. Interesting specs..9.5" radius is one. If I were in the market I'd be contacting the seller. No affiliation of course.