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    What's your favourite Tele Pickups?

    Let me clue you in to what you're missing: worse pickups! I kid, I kid! But seriously, we're all looking for different sounds, so I'm not saying "these are the best for everyone" but they're definitely the best for me.
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    Lets see your Mod Shop.

    Oh boy. I'm into it big time! Not having a Sherwood Green guitar in my life right now is physically causing me pain. And the Bigsby is just [chef's kiss]
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    ES-5 schematic I anted

    I don't have a schematic, but I know that the three knobs on the lower bout are individual volume controls and the single knob on the upper section is a master tone. I would imagine each of the three pickups is wired directly to its respective volume pot and then to the tone pot/output jack...
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    Difference between '62 Custom and '62 Vintage reissue neck pickup? Diff part #s

    I don't have links to any official sites, but there are several posts on this forum discussing whether these are A2 or A3. Some of the posts say that Fender specs claim(ed) A2. Some discuss the possibility of a change from A2 to A3 at some unspecified point in time. I'm not sure either way, but...
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    Difference between '62 Custom and '62 Vintage reissue neck pickup? Diff part #s

    Let us know what Fender has to say about the subject. I'm really curious to learn more about these pickups. The conflicting alnico 2/ alnico 3 thing and the "it's not in production but it's in production" thing have me scratching my head. After trying a BUNCH of different pickups, my search...
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    Help identify this Unknown Tube Amp

    Yup. There's a control on the faceplate labeled "ORGAN LEVEL".
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    CS '55 Inbound

    Welcome aboard! Wonderful looking Tele you'll have there. I like that copper color (and a Fiesta Red Strat isn't too bad, either). I guess I don't look at lefty Strats often enough, but it's interesting to notice how the decals were applied differently on the two headstocks. The red one has the...
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    Ever regretted a CS purchase?

    I've bought two and currently still own one of them. The one I sold was an excellent sounding and playing instrument, it just had a neck profile I didn't personally love and it was redundant, as it was very similar to a non-CS tele that's a "lifer" guitar for me. It was also a bit of an...
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    American Vintage II - coming October

    Anyone want to hazard a guess what the new "Pure Vintage '63" Tele pickups will be like? The AVRI '62 and the Pure Vintage '64 are both much loved, but very different. The 62s were A2, mellow, and in my opinion, almost blackguard-like, while the 64s were A5, spanky, and bright.
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    6G15 Bandwagon

    Well isn't that interesting! I built a 6G15 early last year using a Hammond 1750A. I'm staying tuned to see what the results of the test will be. Another factor that hasn't been discussed yet is the wattage rating of the transformer. I have a 6V6 in my build. Both the 1750A and the 1750AX are...
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    Dumb trade?

    Just doing some quick napkin math, I put together an estimate of the street price for your four guitars at $5,300 on the low end and $6,700 on high. I see the MB listed for $6,300 on Reverb (presumably a bit less if you buy in person), so I think in terms of dollar value, the trade is fairly...
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    This could only happen with the Pirates. 😕

    Wow, that song's great! I haven't heard it before. Here's another good deep cut on the Pittsburgh subject:
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    This could only happen with the Pirates. 😕

    Say what you will about the Pirates, but they're still the only team to have a pitcher throw a no-hitter while on LSD.
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    Guitar Techs in Pittsburgh PA?

    Mannella Guitars is pretty well renowned. I believe he's the only authorized Martin repair center in the area, which says something about the quality of his work. Pickup routing and hardware changes shouldn't be an issue. I've had some minor work done there over the years. He used to be in the...