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    Hand tingling and numbness/ Posture

    I tried but could not address this issue with non-surgical means. Ended up having "decompaction and relocation" of the ulnar nerve in my left (fretting) hand as I was losing sensation in my middle, ring, and little fingers of that hand. I was back to 95% after 6 weeks and would hazard to guess...
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    Help me pick a LP substitute

    Greco lawsuit era.
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    Update. 3rd of 4 carcasses. This one has drawers with false fronts.
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    Weber 12A125-A vs warehouse G12Q

    I play my Li'l Dawg D-lux through a 12A125 and a 12F150 (ceramic) and its glorious.
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    The Double Door Inn. Charlotte, NC

    Saw you guys in Raleigh in the 90s! Good stuff.
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    Hippie dream : I was gifted 50 unworn tie dyes, 400 or so cassettes…🫣 UPDATE

    I wear dyes all the time. Link to etsy shop?
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    5e3 footswitchable channel mod

    I have an a/b switch on my board but dont use it for this purpose any longer. The configuration does what you're looking for.
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    Best Dead Cover Band

    Joe Russo's Almist Dead. Hands down.
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    Random Daily Photos April 2022 Edition

    Me and the "puppy" and the partscaster I just put together for my brother.
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    Extremely Long Songs or Songs Meant to be Played in Order as One Piece of music That You Love?

    Rick Wakeman: Journey To The Center Of The Earth The Alan Parsons Project: Tales Of Mystery And Imagination The Grateful Dead: Weather Report Suite
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    Put this together for my brother. Squier Bullet donor body in Sea Foam Green w/mint green pick guard, Musikraft neck, Tone Rider pickups CRL switch, CTS pots w/treble bleeds, and Grover tuners. Its a beast, those pickups are bad ass.
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    My band is playing some Dead Songs and I like it

    We are everywhere!
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    What is your go-to band to uplift you?

    The Grateful Dead.
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    Break-up songs

    American Aquarium- I Hope He Breaks Your Heart. Lyrics are NSFW.
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    Shop cabinets

    So I'm finally getting around to building some shop cabinets.

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