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    "It's getting so..."

    It's getting so... 40 years ago when I was in high school (6'3 155 lbs) I wore size XL t-shirts. And they fit. If I wore XL today (6'3" 165 lbs) I'd look like I was dying from cancer. I wearing M or L now.
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    Piano value…

    Pianos-in-the-home peaked in popularity 100 years ago. Good luck - we were able to sell our very nice Steinway baby grand to a piano restorer a few years ago for low $$$$. They're heavy AF and they'll eat a whole room.
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    Anyone Else In The Wrist Knuckle Club?

    Have 'em on both, always thought it was just the end of ulna bone.
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    Edge: Great Guitarist?

    I like the Edge, he's the only thing I have ever liked about U2.
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    Maybe the marketing team should adjust this concept

    Funeral pricing is what is $cary. I plan on doing mine like my FIL did his: 1) Throw a party 2) Invite only those on my list 3) Have fun
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    Maybe it was a miracle that this little girl wasn't hit on her scooter in a San Mateo, CA crosswalk?

    Man that kid is lucky. Driver and dad were NOT paying attention. A green light or flashing-amber-crosswalk light is NOT protective armor. I repeatedly stress to my cycling students - you are invisible.
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    Moonage Daydream

    WOW - saw it last nite...mind BLOWN!
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    Buddy says he's 40 & I said:

    Ya wanna meet wimmen? Go take a dance class. You're welcome.
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    Campy old horror films

    Not overly campy, but jam-packed with atmosphere - one of my faves...
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    cartoon sitcoms.

    The Amazing World of Gumball was very good - ran from 2011 - 2019
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    When you mow your lawn don't be that guy who....

    Normal startup here is 8am - the noise I hate are the effing leaf-blowers.
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    Thoughts on playing live with rare/sentimental/particularly valuable equipment?

    Don't overthink it. I've played my '68 telecaster in every NYC sh*thole (and elsewhere) for years. I'm either wearing it or it's in the hands of a trusted minion.
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    People who lived through the 70s- why was everything ugly?

    Obesity wasn't quite the national pastime - so, point '70s.
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    Candy Tangerine. Fender? Are you Listening?

    Buy a body. Have it finished in CT.