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    The Saturday Tone Lounge Spotlight

    Happy Saturday evening. Here’s Mark yet again with something new. Enjoy Video is Mark playing one of his two signature model PRSs. Wes Stephenson on bass. Jaso (JT) Thomas drums
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    Forum Names

    I have no imagination.
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    The "I thought I had to have" thread

    Had myself convinced I needed a ES339 hollow body. I bought one while in Korea. On the plus side, it had two sounds that were stellar. On the down side, it had two sounds that were stellar. After about a month I traded it off. Can we start a two trick pony column?
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    New member, long time Tele fan

    Welcome! Nice partscaster!!
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    Single worst line of lyrics....

    Domo arigato mister roboto… With parts made in Japan… I am the modren man..
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    Confessional: I Have a Love Affair With Superstrats...and I am not a "Shredder".

    Very true. You can wear the one guitar all night and not miss a sound. They can be made to be extremely versatile.
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    Hello from Belgium!

    Welcome! Very nice group of teles there!
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    New build, thinking of two humbuckers and single coil in middle position. Opinions?

    Hyram Bullock liked it. Lots of pickup switching options. I would consider one of those 10 position strat switches from FreeWay.
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    WKRP turkey drop

    I remember my dad laughing out loud watching that. The best you could get out of him was a chuckle. One of the funniest moments on TV…
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    Hit The Buy It Now. Keeley Andy Timmons Halo Dual Echo Pedal.

    I would at least give that one a try stereo because supposedly, thats where it shines.
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    Y'all loan out guitars?

    I have a 5 string bass on loan. He needed it. I had it.
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    who invented prog rock?

    Answering before I read the whole thread. I glanced at the first page. I want to see if I am even close. There were some very early hints at it. Somebody mentioned the Moody Blues album. If that’s true then Decca Records execs get some credit too because they wanted a sound to show something new...
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    Keeley Halo /Andy Timmons owners:

    It’s ideal for filling space in what would otherwise be a sparce sound. Once you start introducing more instruments, such beautiful ambience is not only lost but interfering. I love the sound of the Halo patch, but I suspect in my current situation (5pc band) it would be lost. My band has a...
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    Greatest Van Halen Song

    Haven’t played many but Unchained is fun to play, Beautiful Girls is a fun one. Basically any of his killer swing riffs…
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    Solid Gloss Black Finish on Basswood

    You can put a great finish on basswood. I am not sure how much effort I would put into a flawless finish because it will not be there long with basswood. You will have to be Uber careful with it. Scrapers work really well for final “sanding” on basswood. I have never heard the no filler thing...