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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Nothing. Unless you count the t-shirt and hat that I bought this morning that I'll wear onstage when I play drums in my band. I suppose that's guitar related since there are guitar players in my band, and they depend on me to do my thing. It's probably been 4800 hours since I bought anything...
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    How to tell my Cousin he isn't paying enough for Recording Sessions?

    Tell him to add up the amount of time it takes to: 1. learn a song 2. drive to the studio 3. load in and set up equipment 4. work with the engineer to dial in sounds 5. record however many takes are necessary to get a keeper. 6. break down and load out equipment 7. drive home Then divide...
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    How do you handle regret?

    It's especially not a consolation when you know you really did not do the best you could, and maybe even did the worst you could.
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    Any fans of JJ Cale? I certainly am!

    Oh man, that was right around the time I saw him. The people in the band were all either unknown to me, or I couldn't make out their names when JJ introduced them. I'd be very excited to know that I've seen Spooner Oldham in person, even unknowingly.
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    Any fans of JJ Cale? I certainly am!

    So glad I got to see him in concert. Wish I'd seen him more than once. I remember he came out and started the show real mellow by himself, and brought out one additional band member for each song until the full band of seven or eight people were onstage. I thought that was a really effective...
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    Black Crowes Stage Invader gets decked (Keith style)

    I'd trade 3/4 of the Dead shows I've seen to have witnessed that.
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    Why is it possible to zoom-in photos on Facebook, but not Instagram???

    It is possible. I just checked on my page.
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    who invented prog rock?

    Probably Buddy Holly. If Les Paul had been a rock artist, it would have been him.
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    Black Crowes Stage Invader gets decked (Keith style)

    Security couldn't handle this clown?
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    Have you ever discovered music in a movie?

    Of course I have. Any musician worth their salt should be discovering music anywhere that music is being played.
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    Do You Know Or Did You Ever Meet Someone Famous!

    I met Mike D. Had no idea it was him until he left. I just thought he was some guy that knew the person I was with.
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    Paul Weller RIPS into the Cure front man Robert Smith

    You’re the one acting as if he’s a massive star. Perhaps he is in the UK. But he’s most definitely not in the US. How you equate that obvious fact to some sort of jingoism doesn’t compute.
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    Paul Weller RIPS into the Cure front man Robert Smith

    He could be #1 in England, but he’s still practically nobody in the states.
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    We Just Got Back From Spending Some Time In Detroit

    Loved Detroit. Saw a fantastic show at the Masonic Temple, enjoyed seeing the Guardian and Fisher Buidings, and other fantastic architecture and design, had an enjoyable lunch at Z's Villa and drinks at Northern Lights Lounge, Temple Bar, and Grand Trunk Tavern. Went to the art museum, which is...
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    The "Golden Era" of Guitar Player Magazine: An Inside Account

    I have this issue. That Garcia interview is massive and jammed full of useful info. I always buy '80s Guitar Players when I see them, because that in-depth feature writing was the norm back then. Guitar Player is a shadow of it's former self.