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    Hi all !

    Welcome aboard Those are a couple beauties you have
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    Dangerous toys from our youth.

    Most of us here are adults, I think. And I'm also sure there are more thana few parents, besides myself. Of all the crazy things I ever did as a kid, I almost NEVER told my own kids just how crazy we were.... didn't wanna give them my bad ideas. I wasn't a kid, technically, when I invented...
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    The A Cappella Thread

    Not complete without the Marvelous one...isolated vocal track
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    Dangerous toys from our youth.

    Soon as I saw this, I knew that must be Kurt Russell. If you'd have had this in my hood, you woulda been THE MAN.
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    Dangerous toys from our youth.

    Yep..I did EXACTLY that! Smh The reason I don't have any of my childhood toys is they were usually blown up by firecrackers. Just bought a set at a Goodwill..two rockets, the launcher and everything you need to make them fly...gave it to my sister, for her class (k-4..lmao) I did just...
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    The record player

    That turntable blew me away! Never saw anything like it. Something tells me the owner's not scratching any hip hop in it. Haven't seen this commercial in eons.
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    Pre Holiday Fun with the Blues--> awesome breakup stories

    When you've been in as many relationships and dated as much as I have, you have ALOT of breakup stories, unfortunately. A few of the women I broke up with SEVERAL times.... looking back I think I broke up with all of them more than once. I've been blessed to have had some amazing and...
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    El Cheapo NGD

    @wacolo , I'm also a cheap guitar junkie, and $40 is my sweet spot. Paid $40 for an Sx LP Special, and Epi SG, and $30 for a Yamaha acoustic...all 3 were/are in pretty good shape. Same with amps, and pedals...3 Fender amps and I paid $100 for all 3. With the holidays upon us, people are...
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    Virtual Chili Cook Off

    I make pretty good chili and I'ma let y'all know right now, I'm stealing ideas...never thought of the brown sugar or chocolate... definitely will put a lil brown sugar in next time. I like my chili a lil more on the Tex-Mex side, so I like to mix chorizo into the ground beef or turkey...I gotta...
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    Well if that ain't the early 1970's....

    I sold men's clothing, awhile back, and we also had tux rentals. I can't tell you how many times I warned guys that if you rented *fill in hideous color combo* your future kids would one day look at that picture of you and tease you mercilessly.... usually that worked. I was a pre-teen and in...
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    Which iPad?

    I literally just downloaded GarageBand app yesterday..I thought it was mostly for recording, but my son, who also plays guitar, informed me he uses it quite a bit, without using it to record. I also have an old ipad, and finally upgraded to a refurbed iPad Pro, several months ago. I got the...
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    What do you want for Christmas (or your favorite gift-giving holiday)

    My favorite answer to this question..
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    Why Professional Basketball Hoops Still 10ft. High..

    There are metal rings you can snap onto a standard hoop to decrease the rim diameter...the ball just barely fits through it. We had them for practice, when I played in high school. Once during a scrimmage, I made an outside shot on one of those rims...a 1 in a million bucket. The coach was so...
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    Are you a Mark Twain kind of guy, or just a guy going down the road?

    Interesting thread... Let me start by saying I really like and appreciate this forum. I've been on others with mostly younger people, who are still full of themselves, and haven't had enough life experiences to make some of the outlandish claims they've made. It's nice to be amongst adults...
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    Your Favorite (recording of a ) Moon Song

    And I thought I was the only one whose brain thinks a lil differently.:lol: First time I heard that song, I knew it would be a huge hit. Alotta people get distracted by the lyrics and miss the amazing musicianship on that track.