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Mar 21, 2003
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11 Gauge

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    1. Jlam98
      However, I'm having trouble tracing to figure out which wire is which on the ribbon cable. I know its a long shot, but do you happen to remember how they lay those out?
    2. Jlam98
      Hey man! Just came across a forum where you mentioned some of the specifics in replacing a foot switch inside a Joyo pedal. I'm trying to do just that for my friend's Joyo tremelo. I have already removed the ribbon cable from the PCB that held in the faulty switch, and I'm hoping to go directly onto a solder lug switch with no LED.
    3. WarBeer
      Howdy! I was reading a post on "clean boost" that you were involved in and wondered if you could recommend a few that you think are the most flat and true?
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    Near BWI Int'l
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