Vintage 1967 Tele Lake Placid Blue Maple Cap Neck

I have had this guitar since 1971 when my brother found it in a Lake Tahoe pawnshop and paid $125 for it OHSC ( insert nostalgic reverie here ). It was my only guitar for many years and I made a living with it throughout my 20's. The tuners and strap buttons are aged repro, the bridge is Callaham with SS saddles for the low strings, second string tree added 30 years ago. The neck PU is original but the bridge PU died of internal rust so I had it rewound by Jerry Amalfitano. The neck is dated NOV 66 so I always assumed that was the assembly date but Jerry found a Sharpie date on the bottom of the bridge PU that said 2-17-67. There was a decal on the middle of the top behind the bridge and my tech got it off but there is a still a faint outline. The slot cut out of the PG was some previous owner's attempt at an out-of-phase switch. I hated it and the switch was in the worst possible location so I had it removed. She had Grovers on her until recently and swapping in the Klusons along with the Callaham bridge really woke up the resonance and chime. The original jack fell out years ago and an LP style plate was inserted. Yeah, she's not stock any more but I don't care cuz I plan to keep her until I die and then have her buried with me. What do you think of her?

Vintage 1967 Tele Lake Placid Blue Maple Cap Neck
dmarcus30, Nov 20, 2010
    • Suicideking
      I love this color, very beautiful guitar..
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      Hi, Beautiful color, love it. What is the extra tiny switch on the pickguard added for ? So you confirm Callaham bridge and Kluson are the best for true chimey sounds ? (I was to upgrade my beloved 90s Tele with those parts) cheers -- Reno
    • kennybeverage
      beaut! looks like it's served you well all these years, thats what it's al about :D
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      I love the color~! It's a very nice Telecaster!!
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    Nov 20, 2010
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