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  1. boredguy6060
    Well, I like tort but I’d have to see it on that’d burgundy before I would decide. Black would work but it’s not very exciting, cream sounds like a winner. Is that the only three choices for that...
  2. FatRosie
    @boredguy6060 Yes, definitely. Needs new strings for sure... maybe I'll lower the action a bit. Polish her up... I need to change the pickguard because white pearloid makes me feel like a cowgirl....
  3. boredguy6060
    I like it. I’d give it a good going over like I’d to any used guitar I buy. After that I’ll bet she looks like new money. Enjoy,
  4. sergington
    Hi y’all. I just joined TDPRI and wanted my first comment ever to be Robbie Wallace related. ‘Cos I’m a fan. Period. This is the most awesomest pedals photo I’ve ever seen. Education is...
  5. Archtops
    That is unfortunate young man. As a contractor starting at your age, I had to weigh the variables and consequences of any of my actions. After a few hard lessons it didn’t take me long to word my...

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