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  1. rotsap
    That is one gorgeous guitar! I almost am inclined to get one, except, after a long long period of contemplation, and reading everything I can find along with my staring for so many hours at...
  2. boredguy6060
    I couple more pic showing a wider area would be a help, just pull back a little. I think I know where it is on the schematic but I need more pics to be sure.
  3. dan1952
    I love dogs, but won't have another. I would most likely outlive another dog, and I can't bear that sadness.
  4. Hammer8314
    Guitars are my passion! I have always loved to play guitars. Telecasters are especially important to me because Leo started a revolution with the Telecaster that changed the world!
  5. hopdybob
    i don't know if it is needed but i would put some isolation between the housing and the transistor. don"t know it that plate will move when hitting that button an shorts something

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