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  1. Hammer8314
    Guitars are my passion! I have always loved to play guitars. Telecasters are especially important to me because Leo started a revolution with the Telecaster that changed the world!
  2. hopdybob
    i don't know if it is needed but i would put some isolation between the housing and the transistor. don"t know it that plate will move when hitting that button an shorts something
  3. jrblue
    I didn't spot the heat marks til dogmeat pointed this out. I'd start with that resistor and look at the transistor. I'm no pro but working carefully can usually do these kids of repairs, so I...
  4. dogmeat
    the hole in the yellow wire? looks like a burn mark. and the resistor looks like the culprit. also note that the PC board is scorched. so.... resistor over heated.... why? need a diagram to get an...
  5. bumnote
    I hadn't done a set-up or intonation when I took the picture....that's why the saddles are where they are.

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