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  1. Dacious
    That is a MIM Fender Standard body - early one IMO. It isn't a Classic 50s because it's alder or poplar and a solid white finish. That characteristic hump on the bridge for clearance of the earth...
  2. trancedental
    Johnny Marr Gretsch Super Axe by trancedental posted Nov 20, 2019 at 9:10 AM
  3. ddec1123
    I have number 9 of 20 although the guys at the Custom shop (I called out there) told me the color is "Gretsch Orange" I studied every tech detail you can find on the Stratocaster and was set...
  4. Skydog1010
    You showed me how my guard and parts are going to be on my replacement loaded pickguard, thanks, that's beautiful. Now to find a cream 8 hole guard, wish me luck.
  5. Skydog1010

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