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The Tele That Got Me Hooked

1970 Vintage Blonde Telecaster

The Tele That Got Me Hooked
PJ55, Oct 21, 2006
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      So sharp and clean! Is it a refin?
    • PJ55
      Sorry for the delay in getting back - didn't realize messages collect here. The neck has been redone-
      frets and poly, with nitro re-spay on headstock. The
      body is original paint, wet-sanded and buffed to remove
      all the grime. Other than that (and a bit-o-rust on the
      bridgeplate from sweat), it's original. Oh, and the neck
      pickup had to be rewound (Fralin) since it died about 10
      years ago, but I now have the original neck pup back in.
      I've loved this guitar sine I got it when I was 16! I'm now
    • Stylemaster
      Wow, PJ....we led parallel lives with a '70 tele we both bought when we were 16! Only you kept yours!!!! ;)
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    Oct 21, 2006
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