Lollar guitar

Very nice guitar by Jason Lollar. Jazz bass styling and great Tele tone.

Lollar guitar
Cliff, Mar 23, 2006
    • TwinReverb
      Great looking guitar!
      How about the balance between the bridge pup and the neck pup?

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      Deacon Blues

      Give us a review of this little jewel.
    • Cliff
      Man, I feel so lame. I didn't know that people can leave message specific the pics in my profile. Well, it's a bit late (months), review: The Lollar guitar is a great one. Very light and resonant. Since Jason wound the pickups, he was careful to match the two so they would balance nicely. The P-90 is a bit underwound. I think that any guitar you can get from Jason would be great.
    • georgeb4
      Oh man, Cliff... this is probably the coolest looking guitar I have ever seen.

      I want one!
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      Fiesta Red
      Very cool axe...looks like an evolved version of my main Telecaster (in my profile pic)...very cool!
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    Custom Builders (Non-Fender)
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    Mar 23, 2006
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