Couchsofa Bass PJ1)

Couchsofa Bass PJ1)

My first build. Had only limited internet connection at the time and didn't know about this great forum so I worked everything out by myself.
The body is made from quite unspectacular laminated wood and the neck and head were done from one single piece of Shorea Laevis.
I used Schaller machine heads, an Artec active circuit (Tone, Mid, Bass, Vol) and a Fender bridge replica.
The pickups are Seymour Duncan Precession and Fender Vintage Jazz.
Since I didn't even know about truss rods at the time, I did not use one and the neck is bending even as I'm writing this, worsening the string action.
That is also the main reason why I decided to join here and learn about what it takes to build a bass that's actually fun to play.
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