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Wrathfuldeity Mole Hole

Mole Hole Rig

wrathfuldeity, Apr 16, 2020
    • wrathfuldeity
      The basement mole hole rats nest:

      Grey Amp is a Bogen VP12, se6L6, record player (spkr in the lid) conversion, cap and slight voice mod by Skip Simmons...like a tweed Princeton on steroids.
      Seafoam amp is a Muchxs tweed champ with alnico 6x9 Jensen...killer champ.

      Signal path: Guitar > Peterson Strobo HD tuner > George Dennis GD25 Stereo Pan volume pedal> Ehx Lpb-2ube (to tube buffer the board) > Loop switch for Vox ToneLab TT) > Vfe White Horse compressor > Vfe Mini Mu (e-filter) > a host of various tone shapers such as (Vfe Dragon, Triumvirate, Rocket EQ) > Aya Drivesta (miab) > Vfe Klein Bottle with loop 1: Ehx Super pulsar trem with Yamaha expression pedal. Loop 2: Digi Supernatural ambient reverb + Boss Giga Delay. Loop 3: Vfe Blueprint or Mobius Strip delay + Tech21 RVB reverb. > Ehx Lpb-2ube > Ditto > JamMan Solo XT with foot switch.

      Then the signal path can be routed to one or both of the small tube amps...which via the Weber Z-matcher can use a stable of 4, 8, 10 or 12" spkrs. OR to the small mixer to use small computer spkrs or AKG 240 headphones. The mixer can also mix in any thing...such as CD, backing tracks or YT vids from the laptop.
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