The Baritone Tejalegua Jazzlemacaster

A baritone in the fine Jazzmaster/Telecaster mashup tradition

TigerG, Jul 20, 2017
    • TigerG
      If not for a TDPRI thread in early 2016 griping that Fender had the nerve to put the name "Telecaster" on a guitar shaped like a Jazzmaster, I'd probably still be happily baritoning away on my Baritele. But thanks to that thread, the Telecaster-Jazzmaster mashup concept really worked its way deep into my psyche. I had seen pictures of and threads about Jazzcasters, Telemasters, etc before, but I was always like "meh, so what?". That one thread, though, really got me to pay attention; I started liking the look, and found the clear access to the high frets very appealing. Then somehow the tortoiseshell-on-white aesthetic of my 5-string bass superimposed itself on the Jazzlemacaster in my mind. That was it, I was hooked, I had to go for it.

      And now one new Warmoth body, one disassembled Baritele, two router bits, a makeshift router table, a dozen or so practice pickguards (mostly made from old LP's), several cans of spray paint, and a year and a half later, the Baritone Tejalegua Jazzlemacaster has arrived!

      The details:
      Warmoth all-maple baritone conversion neck
      Warmoth alder Jazzcaster body
      Hipshot Trilogy bridge
      Gotoh tuners
      Wilde Bill Lawrence L290TL bridge pickup
      Wilde Bill Lawrence L280TN neck pickup
      Tortoise-shell pickguard cut by yours truly
      Bourns 250K pots
      Single volume
      Single tone
      (The third pot isn't connected to anything. At the time I ordered the body, I was thinking a separate tone for each pickup. As I worked out the switching, though, a single tone control ended up fitting the bill.)
      Oak-Grigsby 5-position super switch:
      1. Neck pickup w/tone control
      2. Neck pickup w/o tone control
      3. Neck pickup + bridge pickup parallel (no tone control)
      4. Neck pickup + bridge pickup series out-of-phase (no tone control)
      5. Bridge pickup w/tone control

      The top finish is Minwax clear spray gloss lacquer over Duplicolor Polar/Arctic White.
      The sides & back are stained with Minwax Sedona Red, also clear-coated with the Minwax lacquer.
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