'76 Tele Custom (all original)

This is my all original 1976 Tele Custom.. my favorite guitar ever!

'76 Tele Custom (all original)
OutlawSteph1975, Apr 27, 2006
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      Joel Terry
      Hmm...After playing the black/tortoise-shell Custom for five minutes, I'd like to wrap my hands around this one for another five.

      Apart from looking (and no doubt sounding) like a dream, I really like the six-saddle bridge, too, even though I've never had much experience with them. I can only imagine the improved intonation you get with those over the three-saddle bridges.

    • OutlawSteph1975
      Joel, you can play both my Customs anytime you want!!

      This picture is a little deceiving just because of glare from the camera. It looks like there is a big scratch on the pickguard above the humbucker. I don't know what that is, but it's not there. Plus, all the hardware looks so shiny in this photo. It's a bit tarnished just from age, especially the saddles.
    • Joel Terry
      Wow! You could've fooled me, Stephanie...that '76 looks absolutely mint--at least it does in that picture. Gorgeous!

      I didn't perceive that "scratch" on the pickguard as a scratch; it appears to me to be a really cool reflection of the open case's lid. In fact, that highly polished surface is one of the things that makes the guitar appear to be mint.

      Hey, if I'm ever down your way, it'd be an honor to noodle a riff or three on those Customs. (Hey, I might as well be a presumptuous pest while I'm at it and ask to play your Strat and Carvin, too!) We could jam on "Green Grass And High Tides"--one of my all-time favorite tunes. ;)
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      SWEET!!! I'm a sucker for the bursts.
    • smccrory
      Really great looking guitar! I think yours might be a little lighter than my 2002-2003 RI (more of the grain comes through). I was curious, does the neck on yours have a really glossy finish like the RIs do?
    • e-merlin
      Sweet! I used to have a 77 Custom just like that one.
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