Big John


Big John, May 10, 2008
    • Derek S
      What kind of music were you guys playing?
    • Bill Ashton
      Look at those amps! You guys must have been LOUD!!!!
    • Endless Mike
      Dude, you've got to tell the story behind that picture. What was this place you were playing in? Was it really 1971?
    • derekwarner
      Well from the tailored lightly Bell Bottomed black slacks worn by the 4 guitarists would suggest certainly an early 70's vintage

      the 4 the guitarists have the matching Gold Lama sequetioned vest...which was probably a little Elvis flavour......these Vests being synthetic were light in construction and non breathable....this is why we can excuse the drummer for leaving his vest on a close by hook...the guitarist front right probably used the same hair stylist ae EP

      Maybe 4 x 10" Fender speakers in the front guys amplifier, the rear right speaker box has maybe 2 x 15's by the position of the lower mounted external microphone...and 2 x 12" in the Fender box to the right [with just smaller dimensions]

      Fender Piggyback amplifiers were loud.....also very heavy

      So the placement of this Mic close by probably the loudest guitar amplifier raises questions as to the Groups actual sound level

      I do remember the early 70's & instrumentalist groups were loud without being over the top....I will not even consider attempting in quantifying a typical sPL during any such performance, nor suggesting Fender Model Series amplifier codes where applicable

      So clearly the Club/Venue has 2 [if not more PA box's....[one placed here by the drummer, one by the tallest Fender Twinset], so the Vebue would suggest a reasonable size.......[what was reasonable in terms of numbers for a dance Venue in the early 70's?]

      My call would be 1200 to 1800 max...........or is the venue a TV Screen set with wired mesh walls & gates to keep fans out?

      I have done enough guessing......someone else may wish to offer comment


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