'65 Slingerland Gene Krupa set

Light blue pearl finish, 3-ply mahogany/maple shells w/maple reinforcing rings. 14 x 22 bass, 9 x 13 tom, 16 x 16 floor tom, all original hardware

'65 Slingerland Gene Krupa set
Codswallop, Feb 22, 2006
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      Awesome drum kit!!! I'm currently saving my money to put together a dead-on replica of the Ludwig blue sparkle double-kick drum kit that Ronnie Tutt used from the Fall of 1970 - Fall, 1974 (the latter is when he switched to the COV - Chrome Over Vista-Lite - drum kit that can be seen in "Elvis In Concert" from 1977). The guy that now owns that kit is going to help me get it built. :)
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    Amps, Drums, Keyboards and Etc, Etc, Etc
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    Feb 22, 2006
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