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For Sale Xotic SP compressor For Sale

Highly regarded OTA compressor with blend control in a tiny package

USD 105.00
Having just snagged another Origin Effects compressor, this little beauty is now surplus to requirements.

It is basically a Ross/Dynacomp clone with the addition of a very handy blend knob which allows you to add squishy compressed signal in to your dry signal. Also works great on bass guitar. Despite its handy space-saving proportions, it will run from a PP3 battery or standard Boss-type power supply (neither included).

Rather than reproduce all the bumf, here are some handy links:

- Xotic Effects web page

- Ovnilabs review

The pedal is in excellent condition and comes complete with its original box and instructions (you do want to mess with the secret DIP switches, don't you?). There is neatly applied Velcro on the base, but I can supply a set of grippy rubber feet if you prefer.

These retail online for around £160, but you can have this one for just £105 (that's £ not $ - the £ sign is not available in the price field) delivered in the UK.
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Swindon, Wiltshire, UK
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