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For Sale/Trade Xact Tone, JHV3, Bogner, GLab For Sale/Trade

Xact Tone XTS, JHV3, Bogner, GLab

USD 150.00
Open to a lot, hit me up with what you have to offer. Specifically looking for a Menatone Red Snapper, Timmy, Eventide H9 Core(have Max already), Origin Sliderig, Leslie pedal with blend, and pedals with Midi or remote bypass options.

Bogner Blue Ecstasy $150 (w/box)
Xact Tone Solutions Imperial $150
XTS Precision MultiDrive $150 (w/box)
XTS Iridium Fuzz/overdrive $150
GLab Midi 4X looper $175
JHV3 modded Line 6 M5 (upgrades: audio, footswitches, master volume added, preset switch added) $175
Item Location? (required):
Dayton OH


    1. Rick Towne
      Interested in the two XTS OD's and will look at what other trade possibilities I have.