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SOLD Winfield Amps 6G2 Winfield Thomas Edition For Sale

Brown Princeton reproduction

USD 999.00
A 6G2. Hand-wired, vintage reproduction. Housed in a Plywood cabinet I had acquired a while ago. With a Weber Signature 10” Alnico speaker.

Weber PT set up for 120 Volt Primary, but has taps for 220, 230 and 240V primaries. The Output Transformer is a 1964 Schumacher. It has new JJ tubes.

$999.00 plus shipping.
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Cochise, AZ


    1. DennisM
      Looks stunning. I wish I would have built this one or a 5f11 instead of the 5e3. The 5e3 sounds really good, but I'm older and it's just too much amp. Love to have a 6g2.
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