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Wanted Weber Neomag 12" or 10" Wanted

wanted Weber Neomag 12" or 10"

USD 1,234.00
I have been looking for a Weber Neomag speaker for my PR clone. It currently has a 1960's 12" Jensen P12N. I want improve the Bass response in the amp but don't want the weight penalty of a JBL. I would prefer a 12" paper or H cone Weber Neomag, but would consider a aluminum cone or even 10" speaker. willing to pay a fair price but also have some gear to trade:

Jensen p12n speaker
ToneTubby 40/40 12" speaker
Celestion V30 10"
Old school Utah 10'
Fulltone 69" Fuzz
and bunch more pedals............

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Juno AK