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Wanted Want to Buy: Richard Kuehnel Vacuum Tube Circuit Designs Wanted

WTB: Richard Kuehnel Vacuum Tube Circuit Designs

Hey there,

I would really really love to buy a copy of the Richard Kuehnel Vacuum Tube Circuit Design Power Amps AND Preamps books. I had these on my wishlist at Amazon but before I pulled the trigger, they went out of print. I understand he has updated these into a more streamlined series but I really want the complex versions with all the math and explanations. I do also plan on buying a set of his streamlined books as well.

If anyone has a spare copy of both of these books, I would love to purchase them. Some sellers are going outrageously high on Amazon and Ebay. I would be willing to pay $50 per book but can't afford what some people are asking out there. I did ask the author if there was any way to purchase a copy directly from him but he said he sold all his copies. If anyone has a copy or any version that I could purchase, I would be extremely grateful.


Tommy H.
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