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For Sale/Trade Vox AC4C1 all tube combo amp w/ UPGRADES For Sale/Trade

Great practice amp for blues, cleans, and more!

USD 270.00
Hello, I'm selling Vox AC4C1 combo tube amp with 10" speaker. Sounds great for cleans, blues, classic rock, and alt rock. Pedal friendly. Check out demos on YouTube! Price does not include shipping; I'll pay half up to $20 and you'll pay the remaining, or free local pickup. P.S. I'm occasionally in the Bay Area too.

  • Upgraded tubes to JJ and Tung-sol ($50 value).
  • "Extension out" for playing live and "headphone out" for quiet practice.
  • Limited Edition White; eBay and such has plenty of red and blue but can't find white anywhere.

Also have a Weber Blue Pup speaker that needs re-doping or re-coning. Because of that fact, I can add for just a little extra; I'll be sure to make it a deal. Stock speaker included either way (unless requested otherwise).

I have too many amps and just need to thin the herd. Trades are welcomed, preferably pedals. Computer or photography gear also welcomed.

You can also message me at SeymourDuncan forum: marytakesadrag, which I am under Good Buyer list. I'm also on SevenStrings, Reverb, eBay, and TheGearPage. P.S. Sorry, I know a SG & Strat guy like me is a little odd to be on a Telecaster forum!
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Sacramento, CA


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