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For Sale Vintage USA + Japan collect For Sale

Vintage collection liquidation.

USD 1,000.00
El Degas
I have collected El Dégas guitars for about 7 years now. owned about 14 or so. these all have been hand picked and brought up to spec for my liking, (MJS guitars setups, hand would pickups in 90% of them,) They´re quite rare with some of them being super rare. they´re for sale in the USA as well. I've given a bit of a discount on Canadian prices to be generous and guitar-patriotic at the same time.

345- Mint green, Onamac PAF replica pickups. is a Joy to play $600
Here it is in action, the drummer, when he saw the minty awesomeness of this guitar, played that beat on the drums.

Ricky solid $545
ONE of a kind. IMO!!! lol. I'm not really sure, but in years of searching, i've never found another. it's an awesome guitar. all in order, three singles, super light guitar. it's a screamer.
Only 5 pics per post, see master photos list below.

Ricky hollow $600
I'd like to introduce you to
Mr Ricky Degas, (my only Korean made Degas) this one never came out of Japan.

this is the fire glow copy. truss rod cover says "Degasrocker" is that killer or what?? This is a super fun guitar. believe this, I didn't change the pickups because of how amazing they sound. I did wax pot them because they squealed a bit. not any more. neck pickup will make any solo, even better, here it is in action!!

BTW this is the 1965 tremolux going on. with moratto's tone bender and half watt rock distortions (at different times). you'll hear why its dalled the Ricky Degas Squeal.

D-35 $500
got it recently. has some humidity fogging on the back. not too bad. plays great. first 5 frets replaced I think. Again a super rare guitar. Mother of Pearl on the body and sound hole. I'm in no rush to sell this one.

Explorer $800
This one deserves a photo, it's so amazing,
Has a Klein p90 in the bridge HB size, and a custom wound neck strat pickup. the balance, feel and roar of this guitar is nothing less that outstanding. setup by MJS guitars and pickups. has new hard shell case (that super light hard foam covered with canvas. pro stuff. cost me over $100 and I'm cheap!!! again lost of tire kickers.

Strat custom blue $700
Here are the sound clips. the original pickups were shaitty so in went the vintage set from the soon to be well known company TONE DRIPPER. there are two tracks , clean and driven. all through a real-deal 1964 fender princeton

This could keep up with a custom shop start. NO JOKE> it's amazing. otherwise all original. has some weight, slightly more than a typical strat but no boat anchor/LP. it's got a flamed neck, incredibly smooth neck, and it's in super condition.

Neck thru alembic $860

  • This guitar is the pinnacle of Japanese craftsmanship. Wide thick neck. Excellent access. Solid as a rock. Stays in tune months after playing.
  • Pickups are MJS custom vintage wind hot humbuckers. $350 usd. With a split on the neck Pu and phase switch.
  • Frets have practically 0 feet wear. As do most of my guitars. I have a super light touch.
  • These are super rare. I have the matching bass as well. See my other listings.
  • It's less than 8lbs.
  • No regrets here. Time to move the love. Deal to the person who buys them together.

Stratocaster style
Jv Strat $900
Good condition. Plays like a dream. I have original and onamac custom pickups.

Grosh $1900
this is the retro classic I believe. From Grosh,
That guitar was made for Keith Howland of the band Chicago. Originally was SSH. Had a Fralin SP Neck and Middle pup, and a Dimarzio Custom PAF bridge humbucker.
Body wood is Alder. Bridge was also replaced. Originally had a Gotoh 1088 tremolo. Also the battery compartment is not original to the guitar. Neck shape is a Meduim. Finger board radius is 10". Nut width is 1-5/8"

Aria $600
Bobcat. Sparkle pickguard. Tone Dripper HOT set.
here are the clips,

super light guitar. amazing is so many ways. I like the one tone as well. it's a brighter guitar with a phenomenal tone pot. it's works so well.

Greco $700
VG condition, neck thru, also quite rare.

Nash $1400
deal pending,
it's the tracks with the RW in the title, in this playlist. great guitar. super low action.

Sg tele with Strat neck Scott wilkinson build $1150
Tele SG Wilkinson build, Tone Dripper pickups.

Gibson v melody maker $400 motor city Pu

Japan Embajador $350

Degas neck thru $1100
custom MJS pickups

Vantage $300

Quest 1/2 scale $400

Les paul replica. 100% replica. Contact for more info and pics.

Collings 0002-h $3100
All pics are here


More info "still " to come.
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Canada. Toronto area