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For Sale/Trade vintage Gibson br-9 amplifier For Sale


USD 600.00
This is a 5 watt ( i think) 8" amp that was sold by Gibson from 1948-1950. It works great,. Compared to 'modern' tube amps it has a darker sound, heavier attack, less compression, and a breakup that is more chime-like than fuzz-like. Has the original field-coil speaker, two inputs (I think one is a little brighter but it could just be my imagination), and a volume knob. I will be listing for $100 more on Reverb in a week or so.

I think this amp sounds great with single coils on a jazz box. I have used it with great results on a '58 Gibson L4 archtop with a reissue DeArmond Rhythm Chief and a oval hole DuPont with a Krivo single coil and a partscaster with a gold foil. I have never tried with humbuckers (I dont have any). I am located in Western Colorado but will be going out to Manhattan later this month and would consider a delivery. Im also willing to carefully package and ship it. Feel free to message me for more info or we could set up a zoom call or something for a demo.
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Hotchkiss, colorado