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For Sale Vintage Fender Wide Range Humbuckers Sold

Seth Lover designed with CuNiFe magnets.

USD 800.00
Vintage Fender Wide Range Humbucker pickups designed by Seth Lover. These are the originals with CuNiFe magnets for the Fender ‘72 Custom, Deluxe, Thinline guitars.

I got these off of “the craigslist” about 10 years ago from a dude who grabbed (with permission apparently) them from his father’s parts bin. He said they came out of a Thinline.

They were not operational when I got them and I sent them to CurtisNovak.com for repair and they have been problem free ever since. These pickup measure 9.54 for the neck and 10.26 for the bridge. They sound like you think they sound. :)

Let me know if you have any questions. I can share email correspondence with Curtis Novak if that helps.

$800.00 USD + shipping.
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San Francisco, CA


    1. chickenmonkey
      That said, I am open to advice and suggestions on pricing.

      Again, thank you for opening the discussion on these. I want to hear more from the community.


      PS: Curtis Novak is very knowledgeable on WRHBs.
    2. chickenmonkey
      These ones have all the proper vintage materials and were rewired by a very reputable pickup builder. They are a nice matched set for neck and bridge with their resistance values.
    3. chickenmonkey
      As for pricing, I struggled with where to put these at. The sold listings on eBay and Reverb are all over the place ($1150-600 a set). Additionally, Telenator’s version of these w/proper materials were $450.00 and boutique recreations w/o the magnets run from just under $200-300 a pickup.
    4. chickenmonkey
      RB, TY. for your comments & questions! Part 1.

      They have been rewound to vintage specs by Curtis Novak. Our aim was to represent the original intent of the pickup. I don’t know what year guitar they were removed from & I could not find any stamps/stickers. Novak confirmed they are vintage.
    5. Rockbreaker
      Have they been rewound? What sort of "repair" was done to them? That's around the price unmolested, all original ones are commanding...Also, what year guitar were they removed from? Any stamps?