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For Sale Victoria Ivy League V-Front 2x10 (Tweed Harvard) For Sale

Clean Tweed Tones

USD 1,685.00

This one is a bit special as I had the grid stop resistors lifted off of the board to eliminate DC leakage. This results in the amp being absolutely free of those annoying 3PDT switch pops when using true bypass pedals. Same for the 1x10 version I owned in the past.

I put in two 10 inch 8-ohm Weber Blue Dog speakers as I prefer a bit more chime with my tweeds.

Amp is in excellent/mint condition

$1685.00 total to me shipped. Buyer pays for PP fees should you choose that route. "Gift" is an option as well if you want to save some cash.

Reverb link is here if you care to check out more of my feedback history: https://reverb.com/item/29329115-victoria-ivy-league-v-front-weber-speakers

Thank you,

Reasonable offers entertained
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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