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For Sale Victoria 2x10 Ivy League (Tweed Harvard) For Sale

With lifted grid stopper resistors

USD 1,425.00

Victoria's Ivy League amp is a Fender Tweed Harvard circuit.

This one is a bit special as I had the grid stop resistors lifted off of the board to eliminate DC leakage. This results in the amp being absolutely free of those annoying 3PDT switch pops when using true bypass pedals. Same for the 1x10 version I owned in the past.

I put in two 10 inch 8-ohm Weber Blue Dog speakers as I prefer a bit more top end with my tweeds. Hopefully you do as well. The 2x10 greatly reduces the "boxiness" of the 1x10 which some people find aggravating. I prefer the 2x10 arrangement as it is a bit more 3D sounding and disperses much better.

This is a tweed Harvard circuit. The Harvard is the cleanest and most articulate of all tweeds; pretty much the opposite of a Tweed Deluxe.

I am selling because I sold my Stratocaster and greatly prefer my toaster equipped Rickenbackers through amps with 12" speakers.

Excellent/mint condition.

Thank you for looking,

$1750.00---> $1385.00 shipped

PS: To be clear, the resistors are still in the circuit, they are simply no longer in physical contact with the turret board.
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin