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For Sale Trinity 5E3 Deluxe Clone, Weber Speaker, Tweed Cab For Sale

tweed deluxe clone

USD 875.00
I have a Trinity 5e3 Kit in full working order. It's a 6v6 power amp with 12ax7 preamp tubes and a 12ay7 in V1. Included is a 1950's NOS, RCA 5Y3 rectifier tube.

The internal components utilize high end resistors and orange drop capacitors. It's Trinity's take on the design which means the ground scheme has been improved and is an extremely quiet example of the tweed design.

Also included on this amp is a variable voltage regulator (VVR) in place for the power switch. A VVR is essentially a master volume knob for the amp, but allows the power tubes to work at full spec so the quieter sound has a lot more body and grit to it. Meaning you can have quieter sounds and retain amp gain.

The cab is an aged all pine copy of the "TV Front" Tweed cabs circa 1954 (I believe) and contains a Weber (Made in America) 12A125 (12" 8 ohm - Light Doping) which a copy of the amp's original Jensen speaker. It's a one-off cab made by Sammy Smith, a amp and cab builder from Louisiana (Smith Custom Amps). It's shellacked tweed in a medium brown color, and has one small tear in the grill cloth.

The transformers are made in Grand Haven, MI by Heyboer and are speced out to Trinity's settings based on the original.

More pics at https://reverb.com/item/4596663-trinity-5e3-deluxe-reverb-2010-tweed
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Grand Rapids, MI


    1. guycalleddave
      800 plus shipping