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For Sale Tele Bridge Pickup with adjustable pole pieces Sold

A Telecaster Bridge pickup with adjustable pole pieces of unknown make

USD 25.00
This is a Tele Bridge pickup, of unknown origin, that has adjustable pole pieces. I got this along with another pickup I wanted and I was going to keep it for another day but ... I do not think I will use it any time soon, so someone else should.

I have no idea bout the specs of make of this pickup but it feels well made and is in next to new condition. I would say it is a take off that was not really used, if it was used at all.

$25 shipped in the US. Sorry but I really do not want to deal with International anything, so US only please.
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San Francisco, CA


    1. Mike9
      What is the reading on a meter? It looks like a P90 type of build.
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