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For Sale Teisco Tele-Star For Sale

Late 60s/Early 70s Teisco Del Rey Tele-Star—Excellent Shape

USD 150.00

Late 1960’s/early 1970’s Telestar short-scale solid body guitar. Made in Japan by Kawai or Teisco Del Rey, depending on what you read and who you ask.

Sunburst finish and matching headstock. White pickguard and knobs. Amazing shape for a 50-year-old guitar.

Excellent tuning stability and playability (medium-low action, which is rare for these guitars), and a recent setup by an experienced guitar tech. Suitably chunky neck and no fret sprout/raised frets; I had the tech replace the damaged/grooved zero fret. Weighs close to nothing—estimated to be less than 4 pounds.

Has one “foil” single coil pickup—suitably raunchy for slide or bluesy garage-rock tones.

Product Specs
Condition: Excellent (Used)
Brand: Kawai/Teisco Del Rey
Model: Tele-Star
Finish: Sunburst
Categories: Solid Body Electric
Year: late 60s/early 70s
Made In Japan
Item Location? (required):
Burleson, Texas
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