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For Sale Swart Space Tone Reverb STR Tweed For Sale

Amazing Single Ended 5w 112 Combo

USD 1,000.00
Reduced to $1000 plus actual shipping!

Like new condition. Sounds and looks fantastic. Comes with padded Slip Studio Cover!

From the Swart Amplification Webpage:

Take the original, ever popular, Class A, single-ended 5w ST-6V6se and pump it with steroids via another gain stage, killer tube reverb, and a 12" speaker and you have the new STR-Tweed, quite possibly the most FUN Swart amp to play yet.

And the beast runs 6L6, too! This is truly a low watt monster and I cant stop wiping the grin off my face. Literally. This zero feedback circuit gets the added control of a switch letting you bypass the extra gain stage for more available cleans, and all with that great tube reverb that Swart has become known for. This truly might be Swart's most raw, big toned amp, all housed in our finger jointed pine cabinet in lacquered tweed.

Item Location? (required):
Phoenix, AZ


    1. 100LL
      I bought an amp recently from James and he did a great job packing it up and sending it quick. Good dude to buy from!
    2. James Knox
      Weighs 32.4 on my Digital bathroom scale with Cover, etc.
    3. James Knox
      I think it’s around 29 lbs. I’ll weight it and get back to you!
    4. branbolio
      What’s the exact weight?
    5. archetype
      Greeting! We cant see the pics until you change the permissions on them to something like 'share with everyone.'
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      2. James Knox
        James Knox
        I can’t find how to change permissions anywhere. I did have a friend check out the classified And they see the pictures fine. I can text them to you if you would like!
        Jul 12, 2020
      3. James Knox
        James Knox
        Ok, finally found permissions and changed it to “everyone”. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and please let me know if you can see the now.
        Jul 12, 2020
      4. archetype
        Cool. We see them fine, now. Nice amp!
        Jul 12, 2020