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For Sale Price Dropped! Origin Slide Rig-Big Box/Version 1-Low Serial #, Box, Manual, Tag Card Sold

Origin Slide Rig, Version 1

USD 410.00
For Sale: Original Version 1 Origin Effects SlideRig. Two 1176 style compressors in 1. SERIAL #160.

Works great and to me sounds best using an 18v power supply. Just downsized my board and went with the Slide Rig Compact version. Many possible settings and can be used for more than just slide playing. It does get that really nice slide sound though. These are getting harder to come by. Complete with manual, box & tag card. $410 shipped PP CONUS. Condition is used with marks commensurate with it's 2013 age with velcro removed on the bottom. Set channel one to light compression and the channel two to boost or singing sustain it just kills! Not just for guitar any instrument will sound good through this! Seems expensive until you start looking at faithful 1176 circuits of even remotely similar build quality. All the big box are discontinued models as they were too expensive to make! Surely to go up in value!
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    1. boogie02130
    2. sjwieczorkow
      Awesome stuff. Somebody should snatch this up for a great price!
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