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For Sale Pedals, Pedal Power 2, Pedal Train: EQD, Emerson, Xotic, MXR, Boss, TC Electronics, Vox For Sale

Selling all pedals, pedal power, and pedal board

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Selling my pedals, pedal board, and power supply. Going digital and not looking back.


Pedals (unless otherwise noted, all pedals have velcro on bottom):

Emerson EM Drive Transparent Overdrive Limited Edition Black w/black lettering. Only 25 made. Very nice light overdrive. Great shape, includes box. $130 shipped and PayPal'd

MXR Custom Badass Modified O.D. Based on Tube Screamer circuit that has a mod to dial in extra low end growl. Good condition, some Sharpie marks on it for settings. $65 shipped and PayPal'd

Xotic SL Drive. Great shape, great Marshall in a box pedal, includes box. $90 shipped and PayPal'd

Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo Reverb. This is an awesome reverb, emulates a reverb tank very well. Good shape, a couple really small paint chips on corners. $115 shipped and PayPal'd

TC Electronics Nova Delay. Awesome digital tap tempo delay with different presets, full manual mode, different delay types, up to 2290 ms of delay, as well as delay time values (dotted eighth, quarter, triplet, etc) Like new condition, with box and 12v power supply. $140 shipped and PayPal'd

MXR Custom Shop Phase 90 Script. Made in USA, vintage reissue version. This thing is sturdy and has a nice warm vintage sound. Like new condition, includes box. $80 shipped and PayPal'd

TC Electronics Mini Spark +20 dB boost pedal. Simple straight forward clean boost pedal. Like new condition. Includes box. SOLD

Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor. Great condition, includes box. SOLD

Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner. Good condition, works well. $40 shipped and PayPal'd

Vox V847 Wah pedal. Great Condition, includes Vox leather pouch. $50 shipped and PayPal'd

Power Supply:

Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus - Good condition, and will include (6) additional Voodoo Labs plugs, as well as (3) Voodoo Labs splitters to allow one port to power 2 pedals. Includes box. SOLD


Pedal Train 2 Pedal Board with soft case. This is the 4 row version. Great condition. Bag is in like new condition, smoke and animal free home. Board is in great shape with velcro on it. I'd prefer a local sale on this, but would ship for $110.

Feel free to ask me any questions.
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New Jersey


    1. ejphotos
      Only two pedals for sale for now are the MXR Custom Shop Phase 90 and the Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo. I'm keeping the rest.
    2. jrh60
      Can you post a closeup of the TU2?
    3. Alexcmyk
      I'll take that Tuner.
    4. ejphotos
      Pedal Power 2, Boss NS2, TC Spark Mini all sold. Everything else still available.
    5. ejphotos
      Pictures fixed
    6. jrh60
      Taiwan (I didn't know that any of these LM-2B were made anywhere except in Taiwan).
      1. ejphotos
        I think you have the wrong thread lol.
        May 27, 2016
    7. Marshall_Stack
      No pictures
      1. jrh60
        May 27, 2016
    8. jrh60
      I can't see the pix
      1. ejphotos
        Pics are showing up on all my devices. Would you like a picture of a specific pedal? I could send it directly to you. Can everyone else see pictures?
        May 25, 2016
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