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For Sale/Trade P12Q -8ohms, P12nri 16 ohm, Uk celestion G12h80-8ohms, Misc Vox 16 ohm 12 For Sale


USD 454.00
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celestion G12h80 pulled from a deluxe reverb to reinstall original.
dusty but great speaker for a low wattage amp to get more clean headroom 90$

jensen P12N alnico 16 ohms 200$
For sale is this lightly used Jensen Alnico 5 P12N 12inch 8ohm speaker with no bell cover.d Very warm and full bodied tone with powerful mid-bite and sparkling highs. When presented with overdrive distortion, it displays a bright and colorful crunch. Originally introduced in the late '40s, Jensen P Series loudspeakers were used in countless vintage amps and today are considered one of the most important contributions to the sound of rock 'n' roll. The P12N uses the same lightweight, efficient alnico magnets, copper voice coil windings, and seamed paper cones to create the pure vintage tone loved by guitarists throughout the world.

Jensen P12q- 8 ohms (solder on taps was used in Deluxe but replaced with stock emi when sold) 100$
The P12Q has a very warm, mid-focused bite with clear, bright highs. When presented with overdrive distortion the P12Q remains well-balanced. 12 inch, 40 watt.

VOX/Wharefedale 16 ohm 12 out of a ac30CC- 45$
Sammi 12 -16 ohm 45$

plus shipping..

greater eastern pa border/NJ pickup ok
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    1. Pierce
    2. Strato50
      What are you looking for in trade for the p12q? Other speakers ....pickups. Pedals ..tubes. ?
      1. Pierce
        your tele neck.. send pixs
        Jan 25, 2020
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