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..helps having Mr Weider play them

USD 125.00

Big T tele bridge new in the box
BIG-T Fender Telecaster bridge pickup by Jim Weider

"After two years of R&D, the Big T lead pickup : special alnico 3 magnets and wire winding- my '52 vintage singing Tele Tone but louder, with the feel under your fingers!" - Jim Weider

We decided to release a bridge pickup to match our BIG-T neck pickup due to customer demand. Many people, after installing the neck pickup, found they wanted something better than their current bridge to match the fine tones they were now getting from the neck pickup. Also it's convenient to buy a matched set in one place.

The best bridge pickup we've heard is the original '52 pickup in Jim's Tele, which he had been playing for over 40 years.
We came up with several ideas and had Lindy Fralin make dozens of versions using different magnets, wire, winding patterns, etc, and finally came up with a pickup that sounded as good as Jim's. Every small change in the pickup made a difference, even the style of scattering the wire as it was wound changed the pickup's character. We think you will love this pickup in any Tele - it has the strong, clear output, without being too bright or dark. Goldilocks approved.

125$ shipped/paypal Cont USA


$125 a piece shipped cont USA
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