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For Sale NOS 12ax7 Sovtek tubes DISCOUNT Free EL84's For Sale

12ax7 ecc83 Sovtek NOS

USD 50.00
UPDATE: Only 1 set of free tested EL84 tubes remain. Also Found one great pair of the EL84M/7189 Sovteks that I will include with one of the tube lots $60 for that particular set with the 2ea. EL84M included.

Hi everyone, I got a quantity of these NOS Sovtek tubes as pictured. I think they are some of the desirable older production tubes just by the look of most of the boxes, but I'm not an expert on Sovtek production dates. These are reportedly one of best new production tubes to use as a Phase Inverter (PI) tube and are very durable. All the tubes were tested yesterday on the Orange tester with excellent results.

Sold in sets of 5 Nos tubes= $50 shipped anywhere in lower 48 states
Every buyer of a set of 5 tubes will receive...
3ea.- 12ax7LPS (one tube will be balanced sections for PI use..indicated by red dot on box top)
2ea.- 12ax7WB/7025 (one tube will be high gain/high readings(indicated by blue slash on box top)
NOTE: the tube lot contained 2ea 12ax7WXT 3xMica and 2ea 12ax7WB silver plates(Balanced) Any tube set buyer that wants to swap one of these 4 tubes in place of the standard offering is welcome to request that. First come first served. Message me if you would like a set and I'll get back to you with my PayPal promptly. I make no claims or guarantee on these tubes against noise or hum which some tubes may or may not have. Sold as-is Sale is final..First 4 buyers of tube sets will also receive a pair of Sovtek EL84 tubes free FCFS
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Willow Grove Pa
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